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History 050

Live: We have also appeared at concerts,festivals etc... a few mentionables for you now:

Stokkestock May '99 We had some trouble passing security,the police etc at our arrival. We got searched for weapons and everything and had to leave our axes,nails and whatever with the security before we could enter the stage. ...and we where given specific orders not to spill any blood or other gore what so ever inside the locals.(ha ha ha...wonder what the cleaners thought the other day) Anyway...the gig was ok though we had some technical problems with the drumkits setting and placement and some feedback and bad sounds (you know...the usual shit)

Sunndal Rockfestival 30/31 st. July'99 Our best live performance so far... Between the mighty mountains and rocks of Sunndal at Vinnu we spent 3 entire nights in a fucking tent at the festival-camp. Sunndal has a unique crowd for our kind of music and one thing is for sure we will definitely come back this year if possible! Outdoor liveshows suits us perfect, at Sunndal Rockfestival we got all our gear and shit and spillSed as mutch blood as we could. ...and as usual we destroyed some of the equipment too. Our small but energic crowd of headbangers went completely berzerk once we entered the stage with our corpse-paint and started our set with "Mesmerizing" (Hot hot hoter than hell) specially for Beist behind the drums. We started playing like early evening and the sun where rigth at us, and this was probably the hottest summer of the decade!!

Rebecca Nightclub 27 th.Dec'99 Once again to shock and torture the local audience of britpopers and other wannabes with our raw image and trashy sound and once again to make clear that we are the unconquered no.1 metal act on the north-west coast of Norway! ...and ofcourse to ruin the x-mas spirit of everyone inside that night!