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Slagmark was founded by Wegar & Beist late November 1998.

Wegar who was playing guitar at that time had a strong urge to do the vocals so we asked his brother Geir if he'd like to play guitar with us. ...and what do you know!

These are the only fulltime members today;. At first we didn't have any bassplayer so I guess our sound was a bit "necro" in the beginning. But after a while a guy named Neeraj came along with his 6-string axe and joined us. Neeraj plays bass on the '99 demo "Maniq Lord". He left the band in December '99 and moved "down under". Now Wegar is handling the bass and the vocals. Now there is just the three of us and we intend to keep it that way. (It works you know...) If we where to add a zynth-player or another guitarist or whatever to the band these'd only be session-members. ...and that's about all..there's more shit to read elsewhere!!!

(Beist :January 11 th. 2000)

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